Helper Guidelines
This page describes guidelines for performing your resposibilities as a helpers in the Battlesnake Community on Discord.

Welcome to the Battlesnake Helper team!

This section serves to describe some guidelines for performing your helper role.
Please always keep these in mind when interacting with and supporting Battlesnake developers.

Guideline 1: Lead by Example

Users learn how to act from community leaders. As such, you should be very familiar terms of the Battlesnake Community Code of Conduct and exemplify them to the highest degree at all times.
If you think to yourself “Is this really ok?” then you should consider not doing whatever you are considering, or ask a moderator or administrator first. However, it is encouraged to be regularly active and chatting with server members about Battlesnake.
Being a part of the community is one of the most important things a helper can do.

Guideline 2: Share the Knowledge

Engaging with community for feedback on code is an important part of learning the Battlesnake platform, and through that process we know that there are some familiar questions that many Developers will eventually ask. As such, we are always adding new sections to the official Battlesnake Docs, but sometimes we don't catch all of the great questions in the community.
With in mind, be sure to not only check out the #helper-resources channel on Discord which has some quick links and resources you can share with developers, but also feel free to make a pull request over on the official docs if you have some great advice that might be more universal!

Guideline 3: Remember Your Position

Remember that as a Battlesnake helper, people will see you as an extension of the Battlesnake team, so do not make any claims or even jokes regarding the future development of the game without being clear that it is not an official stance. You should pass along any concerns people bring to you regarding the game to Battlesnake team members or direct them to the appropriate feedback channel and make it clear that you yourself are not part of the Battlesnake team.
Similarly, when answering any questions about the server or the game (especially in regards to its development), do not make guesses, but instead consult with administrators or other moderators before giving an answer. If you are actively chatting with a user when such an issue comes up, you should inform them that you will find a definitive answer and get back to them.
You may express your own personal opinions about the state of the game, the development company, etc., but please be respectful when doing so.