We believe in the power of collaboration to make products great, so we want your help! We’ve got documentation that needs writing, bugs that need squashing, UI that needs designing, and more! If you are interested in helping to make Battlesnake better, check out these resources:

Our Roadmap and Github

Find our Roadmap in Github here

We use Github issues to keep track of any improvements that could be made to Battlesnake. Head to our Github Roadmap to find out what the issues Battlesnake community has identified and pick one out to work on or make your own issue and let us know what could be improved.

The Battlesnake Slack Channel

Sign in to the Battlesnake Slack

Slack is a chat application that allows the Battlesnake community to connect and collaborate across the world. Join us on slack to find out more about what the Battlesnake community is working on.

Check Out Our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Please read our code of conduct and keep the values of Battlesnake in mind while you write code or documentation.

A Few Tips for Writing Documentation

Our documentation lives here in our docs repository as markdown files. We are always learning how to write better documentation for everyone, here are some tips we found useful for writing docs to get you started.

Informative and friendly

Feel free to write in a casual tone, we’re all humans(except for the snake bots we build). Just don’t forget: Being informative by presenting information in a clear and thoughtful manner is the most friendly act of all.

Avoid “easy”, “simple”, or “just…”

Whether something is easy depends on how much experience you have with the subject and we want our documentation be as inclusive as possible.

Use Descriptive Headers and Sub-headers

Some people read every word, but others just want to scan for the information they need. Descriptive headers help anyone scanning the document by grouping information. Organizing your thoughts by starting with an outline of descriptive headers can also be a great way to start writing!

Add Images

Images are great for breaking up a wall of text, which helps make information easier to absorb. Images are also apparently worth 1000 words, so a good image can convey or reinforce what your documentation needs to get across to the reader.

Battlesnake is made possible by the support of people like you, thank you!

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