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Battlesnake Leaderboards are fully automated competitive ladders you can enter your Battlesnakes in to compete against other developers!

How do Leaderboards work?

Leaderboards run a fixed number of games at a set time daily. These games are automatically scored and players are ranked based on how well they perform.

Winning matches increases your Rating in the Leaderboard, just as losing matches decreases it. Your Rank is determined by how your Rating compares to other developers.

At the end of each month, developers are awarded Battlesnake Points based on their Rank at that time.


Rating: The value your Battlesnake earns by playing automated games in Leaderboards.

Ranking: Refers to your standing in the Leaderboard compared to other developers, sorted by Rating.

Ranking and Rating as shown on the Leaderboards.
Ranking and Rating as shown on the Leaderboards.

How are Ratings calculated?

Learn more about about how Ratings are calculated in the Rating Calculations guide here.