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Battlegrounds is a cycling competition where you can test your skills against other developers by putting your Battlesnakes into different ladders, each with a unique game mode.

Competitions run from the beginning to the end of each month, generating games, and moving Battlesnakes up and down the ladders. When the month ends, results are determined and achievements will be awarded to your account page.

Each day, between a set time period, Ladders will run up to 100 matches.

At the end of each month, the ladders will be scored and achievements awarded based on your placement on the leaderboards (such as 1st, Top 10 or Top 50).


You must first complete the Training Program before being able to enter your snakes in the Battlegrounds.

Monthly Changes

Some ladders will offer consistent game modes month-to-month, allowing players to track improvement and progress. Other ladders will act as testing grounds for new experimental combinations of game mechanics in a competitive environment.

How Do I Play?

Just enter one of your Battlesnakes into an active Battlegrounds Ladder. You can participate in one or all of the ladders!


Developers must have completed the Training Program Challenges to participate in Battlegrounds.

When do games run?

Games for each ladder will run once per day. The start times are offset between each ladder Battlesnake being in too many games at once.


At the end of each month, the Battleground Ladders will resolve and achievements will be awarded to the Battlesnakes based on how they finished in the competition: 1st Place, Top 10 and Top 50!

For more information check out our Welcome to Battlegrounds blog post!