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Battlesnake hosts several annual online competitions called Leagues. A Battlesnake League is a special event that runs for several weeks where developers all over the world compete for title, prizes, and prestige! \ \ To enter a league, you will need to register a Battlesnake with your Battlesnake account, as explained in the Quickstart Coding Guide.

What happens during a League?

Each league has a Registration, Qualifying, and Tournaments (which consist of two tiers, Elite and Platinum) phase.

Registration Phase

When a League is announced, the registration phase opens where participants can register for the League. At this time, the league's game mode and rules will be announced.


If this is your first time creating a Battlesnake, check out the Quickstart Coding Guide.

League Start

Qualifying Ladder Opens

When the Qualifying Ladder opens and participants who have entered a Battlesnake into the Qualifying Ladder, will begin to compete. The league Qualifying Ladders automatically run games between a set time period each day. How many Ladders, and in which game modes depends on the League. All participants enter the Ladders at the bottom rung, and the system will automatically play a set number of games against other Battlesnakes in the ladder each, tracking your Battlesnakes score as it rises up the ranks.\ \ We encourage you to make updates and changes to your Battlesnake as it competes during the scheduled downtime.

Qualifying Ladder Closes

When the Qualifying ladder closes, the top 16 performing Battlesnakes will be placed in the Elite Tournament. The next 16 Battlesnakes in the ladder will be placed into the Platinum Tournament.

Tournaments Phase

After the Qualifying Ladder closes, both the Elite and Platinum tournaments will be streamed live on Twitch as our talented cast will provide entertaining commentary!

Tournaments have an additional prize structure posted on the prizes section of the League page. Be sure to tune in to cheer on your Battlesnake!

Ongoing Special Content

Throughout the entire League, there will be a variety of Twitch Shows where tutorials, special content, and League news will be streamed. Keep an eye on the Schedule on the League page for what and when streams are happening.

You can see the complete Battlesnake schedule, with all Streams and Events on the Community Calendar.

Technical Considerations

In order to do well in Leagues, you should have a Battlesnake that is capable of playing in multiple games at the same time.

If your Battlesnake is also competing in Battlegrounds, it may end up in both Battleground Ladder games and League Qualifying Ladder games at the same time. You can utilize the Game.source provided data in the Battlesnake API, to prioritize how to handle games from different sources.

When are Leagues Happening?

The planned Leagues for the 2022 season are:

You can see the complete Battlesnake schedule on the Community Calendar.

2022 Battlesnake Leagues