Challenges Guide
How to improve your Battlesnake.
Whether your Battlesnake is brand new, or a longtime veteran looking for practice between leagues, challenges are a great way to build up your Battlesnake skills. We like to think of Challenges as the Battlesnake 'Single Player Campaign' 🕹️.

What is a Challenge?

Challenges are pre-defined Battlesnake games with specific win conditions. You can find the complete list of available challenges at
Often challenges are grouped together, with increasing levels of difficulty which will require you to modify and improve your Battlesnake code so that the challenge can be beaten.
Training Program Challenges, great for getting started with Battlesnake
Challenges often have unusual game attributes, such as having a very small or very large board size, or a lot or very little food available. Each challenge is unique, so check them out to see what strange conditions the challenge gives you!

How do I complete a Challenge?

On the challenges page, you can click the 'Attempt' button to create a game in that challenge, with the Battlesnake of your choice. Once the game is completed, if you successfully passed the challenge you will see the button has changed to 'Completed' to indicate that you have passed the challenge. You can click the 'Completed' button to replay your victory!
Some challenges are locked until you have completed earlier challenges. Those challenges will be greyed out with the word 'Locked'.
Challenges can be completed, locked, or available to try

What do I get for completing Challenges?

Besides the satisfaction of a job well done, and the knowledge that your Battlesnake is getting better and better, you might notice some unlocked goodies on your profile. Check the notification on your Battlesnake account when you complete each challenge!
Challenge Completed!