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Prize Policy

Some league winners are given prizes depending on their placement in competitive leagues and tournaments. This can include Battlesake merch, swag from our partners, digital gift cards, and more!

Claiming Prizes

Prize winners will be contacted via email with a link and a code to claim their reward through the Battlesnake Merch Store.


For the purposes of prizes, we can only contact folks that are subscribed to "Leagues and Competitions" email notifications. You can control this in your Account Notification Settings. This ensures that we comply with anti-spam and email marketing laws.

Shipping Physical Prizes

Currently, we can only offer shipment of physical prizes to Canada and the United States. Depending on your location, there are situations in which we can make exceptions to this rule, and we'll discuss these options with prize recipients directly at claim time.

Prize Substitutions

In situations where inventory is limited, or demand for a specific prize exceeds expectation, a substitute item of similar value will be made available.


If the first attempt to ship is unsuccessful (package never arrives, return to sender, etc.), there is no guarantee we'll be able to resend a specific physical prize (however we will try our best in all situations that allow for this).

Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards are awarded through a separate gift card vendor, are available in most countries worldwide, and are often redeemable in the currency of your choice. That said, we make no gift card guarantees to prize recipients residing outside of North America at this time.