Hosting Suggestions

Tips and common patterns for hosting your Battlesnake

Battlesnakes must be deployed to a publicly accessible web server so they can interact with the Battlesnake Game Engine.

The Game Engine makes API calls to each Battlesnake, rendering the results on the Game Board

There are a number of online hosting solutions that can be used with your Battlesnake. Many of these services provide a free tier for new accounts. Some popular ones in the Battlesnake community include:

  • Replit

    • Handles both IDE and hosting see the Quick Start Coding Guide for detailed instructions

    • Free tier is good for getting started

  • Heroku

    • Handles hosting

    • Free tier provides up to 1,000 dyno hours/month

  • Amazon Web Services

    • Handles hosting, a more advanced choice

    • Paid option only

Most of the Starter Projects have instructions for using Heroku or Replit, which are great options if you are new to web development or uncomfortable deploying code to a live server on your own.

Successfully deploying your Battlesnake should provide you with a unique URL. Opening that URL in a browser should show your Battlesnake in action!
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