Hosting Suggestions
Tips and common patterns for hosting your Battlesnake
Battlesnakes must be deployed to a publicly accessible web server so they can interact with the Battlesnake Game Engine.
The Game Engine makes API calls to each Battlesnake, rendering the results on the Game Board
Most of the Starter Projects have instructions for using Heroku or Replit, which are great options if you are new to web development or uncomfortable deploying code to a live server on your own.
Successfully deploying your Battlesnake should provide you with a unique URL. Opening that URL in a browser should show your Battlesnake in action!
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There are a number of online hosting solutions that can be used with your Battlesnake. Many of these services provide a free tier for new accounts. Some popular ones in the Battlesnake community include:


  • Advantages
    • Handles both IDE and hosting - see the Quick Start Coding Guide for detailed instructions.
    • Everything is in your web browser - no need to install software or run anything locally.
    • Free tier is good for getting started.
  • Gotchas
    • Might not have the most up-to-date version of your preferred programming language.
    • Your Replit might be slow to start up! You likely have to ping it periodically, or check to make sure that is running, especially before a tournament.
    • For speed and by default, your Replit instance will be run close to where you are, geographically. This is an advantage when using your IDE (quick when you are writing code) but may result in high-latency, and in the worst case, timeouts, for your Battlesnake if you and your server are located in a country far-away from where the Battlesnake servers are.
  • You should probably use Replit if...
    • You are just getting started and want to test out Battlesnake without too much commitment or setup.
    • You don't want to have to manage your own hosting yet.


  • Advantages
    • Handles the hosting for you.
    • Great learning opportunity - chance to start experimenting with hosting without having to do everything by yourself.
    • Free tier provides up to 1,000 dyno hours/month.
  • Gotchas
    • Free tier is not quite enough hours to run for an entire League Event, and your Battlesnake may stop if you run out of hours.
  • You should probably use Heroku if...
    • You want full control over your IDE and local development environment.
    • You don't want to have to manage your own hosting yet.


  • Advantages
    • Handles hosting, a more advanced choice.
    • Great learning opportunity to learn a variety of professional Ops/Devops skills and practices.
    • If you have never had an AWS account before, there is a program to get 1 year free T2 instance.
  • Gotchas
    • Besides the free T2 promotion, paid option only.
    • If you use the free T2 promotion, it is important to remember to turn it off at the end of your year unless you want to be billed!
  • You should probably use AWS if...
    • You want full control over the hosting and deployment of your app.
    • It is important to you to host your server very close to the Battlesnake servers.
    • You are already experienced or want to become more experienced with using AWS.


  • Advantages
    • Local hosting, a more advanced choice.
    • Run your Battlesnake locally on your own computer for no extra cost!
  • Gotchas
    • Where you and your computer live can have a big impact on your server latency. The closer to the Pacific Northwest you are, the better.
    • You need to use a port forwarding tool like ngrok to be able to create games on
  • You should probably use local if...
    • You want full control over the hosting and deployment of your app.
    • You want to experiment with using alternative hardware, like a microcontroller.
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