Options for personalizing your Battlesnake's appearance


This reference outlines all the available options for personalizing your Battlesnake's appearance. We periodically release new options, often linked to specific events or competitions.
Each Battlesnake can choose a color, head, and tail to represent it on the game board. Here's an example of a full personalized Battlesnake.
"color": "#736CCB",
"head": "beluga",
"tail": "curled"
This configuration will display your Battlesnake like this:

Choosing a Color

Your Battlesnake can choose any valid six-digit hex color code to represent it on the game board. This value is provided in response to the GET / command of the Battlesnake API and should be a 7 character string starting with "#" that looks similar to "#33CC00".
You can use an HTML Color Picker Tool to help you find the exact color you're looking for.

Some Example Battlesnake Colors


Choosing a Head and Tail

Several personalization options are available for how your Battlesnake's head and tail will display on the game board. You can mix and match them however you like.
Just like choosing a color, your head and tail are provided in response to the GET / command of the Battlesnake API. Each value is a string, matching one of the available options shown below.
If an invalid value is returned (or no value at all) the default options will be displayed.

Default Theme

If your Battlesnake doesn't specify a head or tail these default options will be used.
default head and tail
New Theme Releases We regularly release new head and tail options, often as part of specific Battlesnake events and competitions.

For a complete list of customizations you can use, check out the Battlesnake Heads and Tails Guide.