Starter Projects
Open source projects to get you started quickly

Official Starter Projects

These projects are built and maintained by the Battlesnake team. We do our best to keep them functional and up-to-date with the latest game features.
If you're building a Battlesnake for the first time, these are great starting points.
You are welcome to fork one of these repos, or click the green Use this template button to bring a clean copy of the Starter Project into your own GitHub account.

Community Starter Projects

The Battlesnake community is all about collaboration and shared learning. Some of our core members and partners have built their own Starter Projects to get developers started with new languages and technologies.
Legacy Starter Projects
The following starter projects use a deprecated version of the Battlesnake API. They're still great starting points, but require some additional updates to work correctly. See Migrating to API Version 1 for details.
These projects are maintained independently by their developers. See project guidelines for each project if you're interested in getting involved or have any questions/concerns.

Contributing Your Own Starter Project

Want to submit your Starter Project to this list? Wonderful!
You can submit a pull request or create an issue on GitHub and we'll take a look. Community created Starter Projects must follow these guidelines in order to be approved:
  • Contain just enough code to run a simple Battlesnake and nothing more
  • Return hardcoded responses to all requests
  • Be well documented and easy to understand
  • Provide simple, extensible unit tests
  • Ideally have a minimal project structure