Official Starter Snakes

These Starter Snake Projects are built and maintained by the Battlesnake team. We do our best to keep these functional and up to date with the latest game features and API changes. They’re a great starting point for anyone wanting to try Battlesnake for the first time.

Community Starter Snakes

The Battlesnake community is all about collaboration and shared learning. Some of our core members and best supporters have built their own Starter Snake Projects to get you started with new languages, ideas, and programming techniques.

Contributing Your Own Starter Snake

Want to submit your Starter Snake Project? Wonderful! You can submit a pull request or create an issue and we’ll take a look. Community created Starter Snakes must contain the following before being listed:

  • Contain just enough code to run a basic snake server and nothing more.
  • Return hardcoded responses back to the game engine.
  • Be well documented for developers wanting to use it.
  • Provide simple, extensible unit tests.
  • Ideally involve a single file of source code.

See something that could be improved?
View the source and submit a pull request on GitHub.

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