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What is Battlesnake?

Battlesnake is an autonomous survival game played by web developers around the world.

Each Battlesnake is controlled by a live web server and the code you write. It moves around the game board according to your algorithm, attempting to find food, avoid other Battlesnakes, and stay alive as long as possible.

Developers of all skill levels use Battlesnake to learn new technologies, improve their programming skills, and have fun with friends, family, and colleagues. Anyone can play for free and join competitive Leaderboards. Success at the highest level requires creativity, unique strategies, and excellent programming.

What can I do with my Battlesnake?

Custom Games: Create unique scenarios to test different algorithms against friends, community members, and pre-made Battlesnake bots.

Leaderboards: A set of competitive leaderboards for testing your skills against other developers. Throw your Battlesnakes into ladders, each with unique modes. Matches run between a set time each day, allowing you to make tweaks to your code between matches. See guide.

Ready to get started building a Battlesnake?

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