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Starter Projects

These projects and templates are great starting points for building your Battlesnake. They're available for many different programming languages and platforms some maintained by Battlesnake core team members and others contributed by the Battlesnake community.

Starter Project Templates

These projects are built and maintained by Battlesnake core team members. We do our best to keep them functional and up-to-date with the latest game features. If something doesn't work as you'd expect or needs updating, please let us know so we can make changes :)

If you're building a Battlesnake for the first time these are great starting points.


These projects are GitHub Templates, and we recommended clicking the green "Use this template" button to bring a clean copy of the starter code into your own GitHub account. You are also welcome to fork one of these repos instead, but please do not submit Pull Requests back to the template repos.

Community Projects

The Battlesnake community is all about collaboration and shared learning. Sometimes players will build their own starter projects featuring new combinations of languages and platforms and share them back to the community to help new players get started!


These projects are maintained independently by their developers. See project guidelines for each project if you're interested in getting involved or have any questions or concerns.


Want to submit your own projects to this list? Wonderful! Community starter projects must match the following criteria to be listed:

  • Contain just enough code to run a simple Battlesnake and nothing more
  • Be well documented and easy to understand
  • Ideally have a minimal project structure

If your project fits, feel free to submit a pull request or start a discussion thread and we'll take a look!