Mission and Values

Our Mission

We make it fun and accessible for anyone to become a better programmer.

We created Battlesnake as a way to have fun programming with friends, learn new skills and technologies, and build the communities around us. We believe that encouraging more people to gain real experience and enjoy programming at all levels will make the world a better place.

Our Values

These values drive us towards our mission. Everything we do relates directly to one or more of these core values.

Celebrate a broad range of skill levels.

Writing a snake that performs very well should be a celebrated accomplishment. Writing your first snake, no matter how simple, should be equally celebrated.

Encourage collaboration over competition.

Even though Battlesnake involves a competitive game, participants, sponsors, and volunteers are working together to help each other be successful. We believe making all teams stronger makes Battlesnake better.

Teach real-world skills.

When it comes to programming technologies, we work hard to ensure participants use "the real thing". This includes programming languages, editors, version control, platforms, libraries, etc.

Embrace open-source software.

We firmly believe in the power of open-source collaboration. All Battlesnake development is public and transparent, and we encourage participants to do the same.

Build community.

We work hard to encourage and grow a large and diverse community. Anyone who wants to participate or volunteer should feel welcome and supported. Anyone with ideas should feel heard and appreciated.

Include everyone.

Watching games should be exciting for everyone. Even if you don't know how to program, or don't care to learn, Battlesnake games and events should be fun and exhilarating for everyone.