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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to program to play Battlesnake?

Battlesnake is best for those with beginner-level programming skills and above. To build your own Battlesnake, you'll need to know the basics of responding to web requests in at least one programming language.

If you're new to programming and want to start learning - awesome, we're happy you're here! We're constantly working on ways to help you get started. In the meantime, you might want to start with some online programming courses and tutorials to get the basics down.

Is Battlesnake only for machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Nope, you can use any technology, tools, and algorithms you want to power your Battlesnake! It doesn't have to be built with machine learning or artificial intelligence - in fact, many developers have created incredibly competitive Battlesnakes using simple programs and decision trees that employ specific and creative strategies.

We suggest you start with the technologies you're comfortable with and expand to include new things you want to learn.

Which cloud provider and region should I use?

You can build a successful Battlesnake on almost any cloud provider, hosted anywhere in the world. Your choice of cloud provider has no impact on your ability to play the game and we encourage you to explore and learn new platforms.

If you are wanting to compete at the highest level and are worried about optimizing available compute time and round-trip latency, you may want to host your Battlesnake inside one of the supported game engine regions.

How does the game logic work?

The Battlesnake rules implementation and engine is open source, and we encourage you to explore turn resolution and game mechanics to learn all the details.

What can I do with my Battlesnake?

Challenges provide a “single-player campaign” of Battlesnake. It’s just you and the puzzle you need to solve. They're a great way to test and build up your skills in prep for Battlegrounds & Leagues.

Battlegrounds are a rotating series of monthly leaderboards. Test your skills against other developers by putting your Battlesnakes into ladders, each with unique maps and game modes. Matches run between a set time each day, allowing you to make tweaks and changes to your code in-between matches.

Leagues are limited-time competitions where the best of the best compete for title, prizes, and prestige! They’re only held a few times each year and the finals are streamed live on Twitch. Does your Battlesnake have what it takes?

How do I organize a Battlesnake competition for my class, colleagues, or friends?

Email us or fill out our contact form. We'll be in touch!