Do I need to know how to program?

Battlesnake is best for those with beginner level programming skills and above. You’ll have to know the basics of at least one programming language to get started.

If you’re brand new to programming and want to start learning - awesome, we’re happy you’re here! We’re working on some new resources and ways to help you get started. In the meantime, you might want to check out some online programming tutorials to get the basics down.

Does Battlesnake require machine learning / artificial intelligence?

You can build your snake using any technology you want! It doesn’t have to be machine learning or artificial intelligence - in fact, many participants have great success writing simple programs and decision trees. We suggest you start with technologies you’re comfortable with and expand to include new things you want to learn.

What cloud provider and region is hosted in?

The current game engine is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, in the US-WEST1 (Oregon) region. It’s possible, but unlikely this could change in the future. It’s more likely that we’ll expand the engine to include multiple and configurable regions.

See something that could be improved?
View the source and submit a pull request on GitHub.

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