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· 3 min read
Brad Van Vugt

Battlesnake is joining DevCycle

We’re very excited to announce that the Battlesnake team is joining DevCycle, a leading feature management company helping talented teams build great software. Combined, we’ll be able to support developers from all experiences and backgrounds in becoming better programmers and delivering amazing products worldwide.

· 11 min read
Andrew MacLean

Cloud Hosting

Banner Art Generated from Blog Post title on NightCafe AI

Back in August, I published a blog post that reviewed deploying a simple Python web application, directly from a GitHub template repository, on five platforms with free tiers: GitPod, Heroku, Railway, Render, and Replit.

While many things have changed in the intervening months, the steep learning curve between finding useful GitHub repositories and successfully deploying code remains the same, and for many of us doing so without handing over our credit card information has become even more important!

And so I'm back with a reprise, this time investigating the deployment of a simple Python web application in less than 5 minutes, on five new platforms with free tiers that also offer browser-based IDEs: codedamn, CodeSandbox, Codespaces, Glitch and goormIDE.

· 4 min read
Taraneh Dohmer

We're thrilled to finally be sharing the exciting changes we’ve made to Battlesnake including our website’s new look, new player ranking system, and a new way to compete!