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Map: Royale

The Battlesnake Royale map was the first to introduce a new danger, called Hazards.

Hazards slowly encroach from the edges of the game board every 25 turns, creating an ever-shrinking 'safe zone'. Entering a grid location marked as a Hazard will cost 14 health, in addition to the loss of 1 health per turn.

Hazard locations are available in the Board Object of the Battlesnake API, listed under hazards.

Food can spawn inside and outside of the Hazard area. If a Battlesnake consumes food inside a Hazard location, it will receive the full benefits of the food and not be penalized for entering the Hazard.

Hazards that spawn in a location that a Battlesnake has just moved into will have no effect Hazard damage is only applied on subsequent turns after their initial spawn, and your Battlesnake will have an opportunity to leave the location before taking damage.

Example Royale Game with Hazard Sauce on three sides