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"id": "totally-unique-game-id",
"ruleset": {
"name": "standard",
"version": "v1.2.3"
"map": "standard",
"timeout": 500,
"source": "league"
idstringA unique identifier for this Game. Example: "totally-unique-game-id"
rulesetobjectInformation about the ruleset being used to run this game. Example: {"name": "standard", "version": "v1.2.3"}
mapstringThe name of the map being played on. Example: "standard"
timeoutinteger (milliseconds)How much time your snake has to respond to requests for this Game. Example: 500
sourcestringThe source of this game. One of:
  • tournament
  • league (for League Arenas)
  • arena (for all other Arenas)
  • challenge
  • custom (for all other games sources)
The values for this field may change in the near future.