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"foodSpawnChance": 25,
"minimumFood": 1,
"hazardDamagePerTurn": 14,
"royale": {
"shrinkEveryNTurns": 5
"squad": {
"allowBodyCollisions": true,
"sharedElimination": true,
"sharedHealth": true,
"sharedLength": true

All ruleset settings will always be passed, but ruleset-specific settings (e.g. under royale, squad) will only take effect when the associated ruleset is in effect. For example, in a standard game, the value for royale.shrinkEveryNTurns isn't used in the game rules, but your Battlesnake server can still read it.

foodSpawnChanceintegerPercentage chance of spawning a new food every round.
minimumFoodintegerMinimum food to keep on the board every turn.
hazardDamagePerTurnintegerHealth damage a snake will take when ending its turn in a hazard. This stacks on top of the regular 1 damage a snake takes per turn.
royale.shrinkEveryNTurnsintegerIn Royale mode, the number of turns between generating new hazards (shrinking the safe board space).
squad.allowBodyCollisionsbooleanIn Squad mode, allow members of the same squad to move over each other without dying.
squad.sharedEliminationbooleanIn Squad mode, all squad members are eliminated when one is eliminated.
squad.sharedHealthbooleanIn Squad mode, all squad members share health.
squad.sharedLengthbooleanIn Squad mode, all squad members share length.